Welcome to AADI ~ Supporting the Adult Amateur Dressage Rider in the US!!!

Welcome to the AADI Blog!!! We are adult amateur dressage riders banded together with the common goal of promoting opportinities for adult amateur riders. At this time, we are looking for ideas about how to lobby the USDF and UDEF for parity with all the other divisions of out sport.

For many years now, there has been widesperad grumbling over the lack of quality programing and education for the adult amateurs who are both the largest member group and most certainly, the cash cow for all the programs set up and implementd by our national federation. There is preponderance of grants, clinics, special classes, seminars, you name it! flowing towards the Juniors, the Young Riders, the Young Horse development, the High Performance Division, the Long-Listed and Short-Listed Team Candidates. It seems like all the money, energy,and attention goes to these groups!

But who is paying? The majority of dues-paying riders belong to NONE of the afore-mentioned categories. And who volunteers? Who is standing in the sun or pouring rain, stewarding? Or sitting in cubicle tallying up the scores? Or giving up a weekend from their family amd OWN riding to scribe? Guess who??? The very people who are NOT getting rides in a big name clinic, Not getting a grant to study with a fancy trainer, Not having a lot of success getting past Second Level, Not getting to audit the big deal European Clinician because the clinic is CLOSED to those without FEI experince. In short: The MAJORITY OF THE USDF/USEF MEMBERSHIP. You know! US! The Adult Amateur Dressage Rider!

So here is our appeal: Join in our advocacy project. Suggest ideas, mentors, petiton questions….anything that comes to mind. Commnet here, or on our Facebook Page. Share the page and this blog with your friends, your local pros, your GMO, anyone who may be willing to help build parity for we hard working adult riders!

My name is Leslie Valente and I am the administrator of this blog and the facebook page. I am a founding member of the group ThE ADULT AMATEUR DRESSAGE INITIATIVE, aka AADI, and I hope to hear from as many of you as possible. We want to stop the complaining and find ways to solve the problem. Please join us!!!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to AADI ~ Supporting the Adult Amateur Dressage Rider in the US!!!

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  2. Tried to register, wouldn’t go through. I don’t face book or twitter I do e-mail and am trying to get Janet Foy for the Va Dressage Assn Clinic 2014 with emphasis on AA horses and riders. Let me know who to e-mail to see how AADI is doing jwith their lobbying efforts. Meredith McGrath accof2@swva.ent.

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